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Brian Cox dives into Canary Wharf’s pool of talent

Professor Brian Cox was in Canary Wharf last night talking about inflation. Not the kind that Mark Carney worries himself with though, Professor Cox was wowing a room of City types and entrepreneurs about the inflationary universe. Minds were boggled.

The audience was gathered in ClubLounge39 in the FinTech hub of the same name. Prof Cox was in awe of the venue. “It’s spectacularly exciting listening to the vision for this area crystallised in this room – finance, technology and education coming together,” he told The Capitalist.

Cox was launching the science summer school at St Paul’s Way – so close to Canary Wharf’s skyscrapers – which was once among the bottom 10 schools in the country, but due to the support of many City institutions, such as Catlin Insurance and JPMorgan, has achieved top marks from Ofsted.

Catlin’s Chip Cunliffe, told The Capitalist: “It’s great to see everyone here fundraising for it.”

And Prof Cox asked: “If our strategy of support doesn’t work here, where you have a huge talent pool and businesses that need skills next to each other, then where?” Where indeed?

Source: http://www.cityam.com/1409187537/brian-cox-dives-wharf-s-pool-talent

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